Streamlining the Mailing & Bindery Process

Print, bind, address and mail-all in one place

Vijuk Collator Stitcher Trimmer
Our new Vijuk Collator Stitcher Trimmer has six signature pockets and a cover feeder with a 3-hole punch attachment and loop stitch capabilities. The Vijuk has allowed us to revolutionize our binding process making it faster and more efficient. Again, saving time and money. Vijuk Equipment Inc. is a leading distributor of bindery and bindery finishing equipment in the graphic arts industry and the pharmaceutical and small-item packaging.

Vijuk Pharmaceutical Folders
Our Vijuk Pharmaceutical Folder has the ability to fold a maximum sheet size of 12"x18" down into a minimum of 1.5". The Vijuk Folder also has scoring and slitting capabilities that can be activated during the folding process. Yes, again saving time and money.

Kirk Rudy Mailing System
The Kirk Rudy Mailing System will print addresses on any of your direct mail needs including, postcards, envelopes, self-mailers, and newspapers. We use this mailing system every week to mail and ship our own newspaper, The Manchester Cricket. This system comes with single and double tabbing or wafer sealing options. We also have our own pre-sorted 1st Class and standard mailing indicia permits, which means we have the capability to complete the mailing process, from print to post office. Time and money again. Streamlining any process makes it more efficient and in most cases much more cost effective.

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